A Self-Awakening Manifestation of a Brave Heart


This is a self-awakening manifestation of a brave heart that reveals nothing is constant in this life but change. It is something that we cannot escape but accept. And so, here I am sharing with you on how did I undergo a big change in my life.

I have been a dreamer. Ever since I was a little kid, I kept myself always entertained between books and visuals; thinking of far and beautiful places, and a wonderful and successful future life. From them, a spark of being a dreamer metamorphosed in me.

But, as I grew older, I realized the complexities of my dreams, the hardships it requires for me to reach the peak. Those things can be quite scary. How can I achieve them? I felt intimidated. Somehow my dreams fizzle out. Fading. I got confined in a box of uncertainties and prejudices that almost made me give up.

For a long time, I just kept my dream in the someday box. I satisfied myself wondering about those places and things that I wish to do but seems to be out of reach. I’ve been dragged away from my passions to travel by family responsibilities, and my job afterward.

I thought that I was not achieving my dreams because some were stopping me from doing it. Some make me believe that it is a dangerous world out there. In addition to that, it is better to be happy with what I already have.

I blamed the stalling of my dreams to those factors. I waited too long for the conditions to be perfect. Unknowingly it was. I realized that those were just excuses. The undeniable  truth was that I was always afraid to fail, to make mistakes, to be laughed at and to be judged. My very own negative thoughts were the ones blocking my progress. I was the one who was responsible for making or breaking my own self-journey.

And it was a self-awakening experience. The universe opened opportunities for me  to see that nothing is impossible in this world.

I had met different people from all walks of life who made me realized that if I want to do something, I need to ask for it, believe it, and receive it wholeheartedly. I had been led toward the light outside the dark tunnel of confusion, fears, and doubts.

It was the reason this blog was born to finally declare that I will live the dreams that I have always imagined. The perfect moment to act in reaching them is today. I will be the one who will write my story with God as my guide. I will be strong like an eagle capable of flying high against the storms of life. I will travel a lot because life is not meant to be lived in one place alone. I will write to achieve self-fulfilment by inspiring others who share same dreams with me.

Some might think, the words are easier said than done. I admit it, but if we want something so badly we will exhaust everything to get it.

Achieving our dreams need sacrifices. I remember how I chose to ignore parties, shopping or going to other places for the sake of finishing all the requirements for the university because of my dream to have a Master degree. While others were having fun and getting enough sleep, I devoted my life to my work and studying in the university.

Forcing myself to absorb everything in my study.

Twisting my brain cells to understand statistical tools.

Stopping hard my eyelids from drooping.

And almost cried because of too much fatigue.

I know I have a choice. I can do what others have done, but I preferred to finish what I started. It was the 2nd day of April 2014 when I happily pranced across the stage and received my diploma. The long wait was finally over.

For all these battles and challenges, I know that God has been with me and He is leading me somewhere great. I have been conscious of His presence and the host of angels guiding me all the time. I would not be able to make it as well if I settled for complacency.

I would rather do what is hard and make my life easy at the end and not do what is easy and make my life hard afterward. There is more to life and it is suicidal to just stay on something because we are already used to it, when in fact, we know that we can dream bigger.

Graduating with a Master’s Degree, setting up a blog, and traveling once a year may be nothing compared to what other people have already accomplished. However, for a person who has always been an introvert like me, those are already huge steps to discover myself more.

Going after our heart’s desire is as important as anything else. Anything is possible. Dreams coming true begin with a belief. Life is too short so why not spend it to its fullest while we still have it? If others can reach their dream, then why can’t us? The ball is in our court. If we work hard and really try, we can do what we want. Nothing is impossible to a person full of determinations to succeed.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.

5 Comments to A Self-Awakening Manifestation of a Brave Heart

  1. Carmen says:

    I love this. I can relate to it so much! The fizzing out of dreams is so disheartening, but I believe they are just making way for the real ones. I can also relate to the drooping eyelids ? I do love university though!

    It doesn’t matter what others have accomplished, it’s all relative. You’ve got this!!

  2. Congratulations on going after your dream! I have always wanted to become a writer but I ended up being a nurse. I then quit the nursing world to materialize my dream. I just want to know how far this dream can take me.


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