From Monumento to NAIA III on Pulic Transport

From Monumento to NAIA III on Public Transport

I admit, I have been to many places but if someone ask me how to go to a particular destination using a public transport, I will certainly go nuts. It is easier to opt for a taxi that can take you to your destination without so much hassle. But when it comes to practicality, one should always look for a cheaper way to go to another place in order to save money.

I am not good when it comes to maps or locations. I can look at a map, study it, but still get lost. Undeniably, I don’t have a sense of direction. There is a need for me to be in a place two to three times before I can finally memorize it.

I’d like to share some instructions on how to go to the airport using a public transport from Monumento. This may sound a piece of cake to some but for me it is challenging because I was used to hiring a private car when travelling before. If you are like me, who would like to save money, then it is better that you know the cheapest way to get to your destination.

When travelling abroad, it is necessary that you should be at the airport 3 hours prior to your flight. It is always better to be safe than sorry on missing the most awaited flight. There will always be a thorough scrutiny. Screening will start from waiting line for our check in, to luggage screening and last is for your personal information. Here are the steps on how to go from Monumento to NAIA.

From Momumento, take the LRT-I bound for Baclaran. and buy the train ticket to Edsa. The cost of the ticket is 30 pesos. Alight at Edsa station and turn left after the exit

Monumento to NAIA III using a public transportation

Use the footbridge to get across Edsa and walk towards the red and yellow building. That is the Sogo Hotel and it is just a few meters away to the Genesis Bus Terminal.

Monumento to NAIA III using a public transportation

When you reach the MRT 3 Taft Station, go downstairs and you will see there the MCDonald food chain.

Monumento to NAIA III using a public transportation

Enter the driveway beside the MCDonald food chain. It is the location of the Genesis Bus Terminal where you can see the NAIA shuttle buses.

Monumento to NAIA III using a public transportation

The NAIA shuttle bus is a white colored bus with an HM plus a 2 digit number. Get inside the bus and wait for the conductor to collect the payment. The ticket cost is only 20 pesos.

Monumento to NAIA III using a public transportation

It only takes 20 minutes from the terminal to NAIA III if there is no traffic.  Whenever you travel, don’t forget to include in your time calculations the traffic jams.

Have a safe trip!

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.

2 Comments to From Monumento to NAIA III on Public Transport

  1. Nicole P says:

    I guess I’m lucky that I live near las Pinas which is pretty near the terminals. If ever I’m lost though, there are other shuttle areas that I go to to get to the airport like the airport shuttle in Robinson’s manila… these ones take shortcuts so if I’m from the north I’d rather go here than the edsa one cause it’s too jampacked full of people. 😉

  2. Milton says:

    For a guy living in a south and for someone who is so bad in directions.. i can really related with you.. Although I used to go in Manila for events.. i still find myself lost especially if the place or the venue is not really familiar with me. The only way for me to remember that place is to visit it many times using the same route hehe
    pero sabi nga sa commercial ng RiteMed… wag mahihiya magtanong ^_^

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