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Of all the books that I love, "Tuesdays with Morrie" written by Mitch Albom is the number one in my list. I am so
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KOREAN VOCABULARY ABOUT PLACES Theater - 극장   //  Let's go to the theater - 극장에 가요. Classroom - 교실 // Let's
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Korean Song                                      English Translation   당근 송                                               Of Course Song 나 보고싶니?                 
What if there is one thing you could change about the education that could almost instantly make it better? Honestly
For readers who have been with us from the start of this blog, you might have already known that my
Hurray! I am elated to share with you this book that I read for the month of January which was
Since the limits of my language are the limits of my world, I have started studying a Korean Language since
To make sure that I can attain the goals I listed for 2018, I decided to break it down into

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