May Monthly Goals Report

May Monthly Goals Report

I came up with four (4)  goals set for May but different things got in the way and those goals were pushed to the side for a little while. May had been a month mix of emotions for me. It was like a month of a roller coaster ride.

My full-packed work and study schedule cause me to neglect the online course in the Korean language. I guess that I will take a break from studying it seriously. On the other hand, I joined group chats tutorial on Korean language. Every time that I get bored or tired, I just spend some time reading those small Korean tutorials to refresh my vocabularies.

After more than a month, I finally received the result of my Senior High School application. It was during my presentation during the In Service Training for Teachers when my colleague announced to everyone that my name was included in the Registry of Qualified Applicants. Excitement and happiness embraced me as I reaped the rewards of my hard labor.

Although the month of May did not offer me everything I wanted, I am still positive that good things are still on its way. I do not give up even the time seems to be slow nowadays. Those down moments do not reduce my chance to ace the dream that I have been longing for.

The start of June challenges me to be a better version of myself. I am in a new environment now with a new set of colleagues and a new set of students. It is my monthly goal to end this month as amazing, blissful and stunning as I want it to be. There’s plenty of room for improvement and for success.

I am temporarily quitting from my monthly goals report to focus on my professional goals this 2018. Passing the comprehensive exam and arriving on a specific title for my dissertation are my two main professional goals this year.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

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