January 2018 Goals

January 2018 Goals

To make sure that I can attain the goals I listed for 2018, I decided to break it down into chunks. This way, it will be easier to accomplish it.

  1. Blog about a book that I have read.

Reading should be seen as something that a person must do every day. Saying that “I don’t have time” for it is a lie because if I can find time to clean myself every day and eat thrice or  more than that in a day, then I can also find time to read a good story or a good book.

  1. Do advance lesson planning every Friday.

It will be a good thing to devote my time preparing my lesson plans in advance. Doing this will make me spend more time for my doctoral class and with my family every weekend.

  1. Finish all my presentation in my doctoral class.

To achieve this, I should follow my schedule strictly. I must also take good care of my health so I can do my task the best I can.

  1. Accomplish successfully my 30-day fitness challenge.

I downloaded the 30 Day Fitness Challenge in Google Playstore to help me achieve this goal.

  1. Memorize 40 Korean Vocabularies.

I will collate 10 vocabulary words per week and post it in my blog every Saturday evening.

  1. Spend a time with students falling behind in my subject and give them extra help.

By understanding that these students are the ones who really need my help the most and by doing what is my duty as their teacher, I will talk to their parents and give them a  time for their academic development.

  1. Participate in a blog community twice a week.

This is one way for me to learn more about blogging so that I will grow and improve as a blogger. I am going to limit my participation in 3 blogging communities a week so I will have time for other things that matter.

  1. Wake up at 4 A.M. and sleep at 9 P.M.

I will do this by thinking that I am more productive and at my best if I have enough sleep time.

  1. Save more and spend less.

I will think many times if the product that I am going to purchase is a need or just a want. If I can do my things without such product then, I will just do myself a favor by saving my money.

  1. Minimize time in social network sites and spend more time with loved ones.

Social Network Sites are designed so that people who are far away from each other can still have communication. Since most of my social network sites friends are the people who I see every day, there is no need for me to track what is happening on their lives. I will leave them with their issues and I will mind my own business.

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

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