Intentionally Designing my Amazing 2018

Intentionally Designing My Amazing 2018

Celebrating milestones is similar to showing gratitude and a positive mindset for the past year. It is also the time of the year in which assessment about the past and goals for the futures are created once again. Whatever we experienced in the past, be it positive or negative, surely left us an impact. Even though we cannot change what happened before, we can still have the power to change how our future would be like. Probably the most important thing that I have realized for 2017 is that learning never stops. I will always be a learner and there will always be more areas in our life for growth.

Seeing the New Year as a gift is what makes me intentionally design the upcoming year. It is a gift that God generously offered to us. Not everyone is given a life to spend once more for the next year and by just feeling that I am alive and have the chance to do and shape my future, I feel beyond blessed.

It has been my attitude to list down goals before the New Year sets in. However, I have noticed that something was lacking with those goals I wrote down before. I just declared my goals but with no clear vision on how to achieve them. And that is the first change that I wanted to do in my blog post. I do not want to drift letting the sea of opportunities past me by. I want to be intentional and create my own opportunities rather than chasing them.

Without futher ado, here’s my list for 2018.

1. Take an extra care of my health by avoiding junk foods and sodas, and performing a monthly fitness challenge.
It is my topmost priority for without a good health, all these dreams and hopes will vanish away. Sad to say, it is one of the areas in our lives which most people, including me, take for granted. But not anymore for 2018.

2. Balance Schedule

One thing I have realized last 2017 was that, I was spending too much time for work that I tend to neglect the other areas of my life, which also need my attention. Balancing one’s time also means knowing how to manage one self. For 2018, I see myself spending the weekdays for work/writing/blogging. Saturday for EDD class, and Sunday for family, church and other leisure activities. I also see myself being able to overcome my Facebook addiction, completely detaching myself to rubbish dramas and gossips online. That way, I can spend my time more the people who really matters.

3. Travel either locally or internationally

Whenever I travel, I feel renewed, energized, and positive. So even though, I know that I will be starting for my research in my EDD class, I still want to have the opportunity to visit other places be it within my country or abroad.

4. Work as a Full-Time Senior High School Teacher

I’ve never feel contented with my situation. It does not mean that I always complain and never get satisfied. I am grateful for having a good profession and getting a regular monthly income. However, I do not want to settle on where I am now. I took Masters and finished it and at present, I am taking up another degree.
Intentionally Designing my Amazing 2018
My graduate studies open my eyes that there are a lot more opportunities that will help me grow more in all areas of my life. I have been used to teaching kids for 7 years and would like to handle more mature students. I know there will be a lot more challenges once I transfer to the higher level. On the other hand, I know that those challenges are spices of life and will definitely to the meaning of my existence.

5. Enhance my blogging and writing skills.

At the end of 2018, I must have published at least 12 blog posts. I would like to increase my followers for 2018 by being active on the blogosphere community.
Twitter – from 397 to 600
Google Plus – from 100 to 300
Facebook – from 1.4 to 2k
Instagram – from 488 to 700
Pinterest – from 194 400

6. Harness my mind by reading tons of fictions and inspirational books.

It is a huge irony being an educator yet having no time at all to read. Reading just like other activities is essential. I will not limit my readings to novels only. Short stories, poetry, blog posts also count.

7. Action Research

I finished my proposal for my first classroom-based action research. It was already approved by my supervisor and I am just waiting for a call for my presentation. This is what I would like to pursue in junior high school even though I have a plan to transfer to a higher level.

8. Come up with a title for my dissertation

It sounds like a bloody one, but I am going to push and stretch myself just to come up with an interesting title for my dissertation. I want this and I will exhaust everything just to ticked this one for my 2018 goal.

9. Save money in the bank

Saving is a must for me most especially that I will be soon doing my dissertation. I am glad that blogging becomes an additional asset. Whatever earnings our blog will get will either go for an investment or savings.

10. Talk and Write in Korean

At present, I can speak few phrases in Korean and what I need to do is to keep on practicing it. My goal is that after 2018, there will be a big improvement in my Korean Vocabulary. I can create sentences, spell Hangeul correctly, and already master a number of Korean vocabulary.

11. Create a Youtube Channel

I have been addicted watching Youtube videos and those experiences inspired me to make one for myself. Life is a constant learning and at this time, I can say that I am triggered with the idea of watching me or my works over the Youtube Channel.

Want an amazing 2018? Take action and give love to another gift of life. Let us make our 2018 count. and filled it with a mindset of positivity and motivation.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.

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