A Glimpse of My Life in 2017

I would like to start my post with this quotation, which simply reminds me to be grateful most of the time.

“No matter what your temperament is now, gratitude will give your more patience, understanding, compassion, and kindness, to the point where you won’t even recognize yourself.”

— Rhonda Byrne

We are in the remaining days of 2017. Soon enough, it will be 2018 and it will be another year to start fresh goals. But before 2017 comes to a close, I would like to reflect on what transpired during this year. As I reflect on how my 2017 was spent, I could not contain of how I had been endowed with too much blessings.  As I looked back on my 2017 top ten (10) goals, I felt so thankful that even if not all those goals were achieved, I know I still made some accomplishments.

Below are my personal reflections on the various areas of my life, which I deemed important to me. It was a year full of realization

Personal Relationships

The start of 2017 was something I couldn’t forget for it gave me the most important lesson when it comes to family. After my father died, I told myself that I would be a better daughter but it did conflict with what I really did. There was a gap between what I told myself and what I really did. I just realized that after I almost decided to leave the house and leave all by myself because of family misunderstandings. Sometimes, blessings do come in disguise and I think that life just need to hit me hard for me to find out that I was going astray. After the rough situation we had been through, I learned how to give more time more especially to my mom and be more empathetic toward the feelings of others.

A Glimpse of My Life in 2017

Instead of doing my birthday celebration at home, I decided to spend it outside with my mom and my niece.


I am still doing my Doctorate Degree and after this 2nd semester for the Academic Year 2017-2018, it would gained 27 units already. I am thankful that despite my unwillingness to study for another degree, I am here now, already looking forward in finishing my 27 units. I find it funny that life was full of irony for me this 2017.

Another thing is that, even though I did not include studying for a Korean Language this 2017, I was amused that unexpectedly I decided that I would be going to learn how to read, write, listen, and speak in Korean.  I started it on October 2017 and I have been studying it for 3 months now. Learning a foreign language is exciting and sometimes frustrating. Learning Korean is a great stress reliever for me.

Glimpse of My Life in 2017


As with my relationship with my colleagues, all went well. I have been trying hard to do my best and do what was assigned of me. There were times I did things on time and there were times, I procrastinated. But when it comes to my students, it was a bit tough this 2017. My Grade 7 high school students were actually much more of a bunch of elementary kids, running and playing here and there. My patience were truly tested when it comes in handling the new generation of students. This year, I also started writing my first ever Classroom-Based Action Research which focuses on the students’ vocabulary skills.

A Glimpse of My Life on 2017

A photo of me with my Grade 7 student who won in the Division English Olympics in the Spelling Category last December 9. Out of 25 school, he ranked as the 3rd runner up. Kudos!

Reading, Writing and Blogging

I admit that I pretty neglected these areas in my life. Instead of publishing an article once a week, I did publish once a month and sometimes none in a month.  I am thankful that  despite my inactivity, I still got even a small increase of followers in my social network sites. When it comes to reading, I always do read my e-mails and other blogs during my spare time. On the other hand, I haven’t finished reading any novels this 2017.


Starting an activity is easy but maintaining to do it religiously is another story. I was able to do my every day exercise for a month only and after that, I was bombarded with paper work. During the evening, I already felt tired to do even simple push-ups. Thank God that I did not experience any serious illness that will force me to stay in the hospital. I really hate going and staying in hospitals.

So, this is it – my final closure for 2017.  Doing reflections before the year ends are interesting for it helped me clear my mind more when it comes to setting my 2018 goals. I encourage you to do the same thing to make the next year the Best Year Ever!

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