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Hi there! Welcome to our blog! We are glad that you are here.
I am Ana Rose, the writer of the articles in the blog and the man who is always there for me is my boyfriend, Steven.
  Here is our story.

It was 2013 when Steven and I met through an online language site. We became best of friends since then until Steven flew from Korea to the Philippines to attend my graduation and to meet formally my family the following year.

Our most unforgettable year was 2015 when we traveled together. Since then I figured out that I would love to immortalize my thoughts and travel experiences. I decided to feed my creative appetite through blogging. Being a supportive boyfriend, Steven has been always armed with his gadget to document the travel itself and to assist me when it comes to graphics.

Feel free to browse and share your own experiences too.  Again, I welcome you to our blog and happy browsing! You may contact us in this email: or you may also use the contact form below.



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