The Age of Technology and its Impact on Education

My formal teaching experience in a secondary school started after I successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). From that time on, I have witnessed how the technology unfolded many opportunities in my profession as a teacher.

My school is situated quite far from the Division Office. Since we were not yet blessed with limitless internet connections during those times, memos reached our school almost always later than usual.  This made us lag behind on those competitions, news, or updates from the Division Office. Not only was that,  getting our salaries also brought hassles. We needed to line upon long queues and wait patiently to be called by the clerical officer for our hard-earned salary.

Those old and stressful days with a meager presence of technology did not last long.  After a few more years, communication becomes easier due to technological facilities provided to us. Telephones, fax machines, and complete computer units with internet connections equipped us with the means to make our tasks easier and more flexible.

The effect of technology on different schools or any organization has become increasingly apparent. Through technology, there is no need to queue for hours just to receive our emoluments. Anytime and anywhere, teachers could go to the nearest ATM Machine to withdraw their money.  Moreover, there is no more room for excuses about not being aware of meetings, seminars, training sessions, or school competitions since all memos are uploaded in the website for the perusal of all employees.

The emergence and ubiquitous means of working with the use of these technologies in organizations prompt a way for changing and improving the organizational structures.



The presence of technology does not only affect organizations on the higher ups. Its influence are also felt in and out of the classrooms. Long time ago, the educators just used chalk, black board and manila papers in teaching. Now, more instructional materials are  added like televisions, smart boards, and projectors. Advancement in technology requires advancement in the instructional materials used by the students. Thus, educators need to adjust to the changes to meet the demand of the society.

The virtual world has become an extension in the learning process. The different social networking sites, videos, or gaming sites pave the way on how teachers will use these products of technology as means for teaching. Facebook and Youtube videos play an essential part in my teaching.  Personally, it is through Facebook group chats and pages where I can connect with my students even if they are not in school. Lessons are uploaded for the sake of students who cannot come to class due to some reasons.  The teachers have been encouraged to learn, relearn, or unlearn things using the powerful tools of technology

At present, our school has now smart televisions to help both teachers and students in carrying out and understanding the lessons. In addition, recording and computing the grades which were done manually before can be done easily with the use of Microsoft Excel.



As most people says, a coin has always two sides and definitely, technology has two sides too. There are huge possibilities for learning to happen and grow with the proper and good use of this technology. On the other hand, it also has its own cons.

The first issue with providing this technology and integrating it in classes is the budget.Those technologies are not easy to produce due to its high cost. Smart televisions, projectors, and smart boards are devices which cost an arm and leg. Since the proliferation of technology, teachers must also have the purchasing power for a laptop or a personal computer to help them do school-related works. Moreover, a good internet connection is also an additional requirement.  It will be a difficult challenge not to have an internet connection if you are a teacher and more difficult if the teacher does not have both the laptop or computer and internet connections.

The second issue is the teachers’ readiness. Using technology inside the classroom has been a dread to some teachers who are used to the traditional ways of teaching. Not all teachers are equipped with skills on using these technologies and as a result, they just always depend on those who are good with technologies.  With this kind of scenario, the utilization of technology in the classroom cannot take place effectively.

THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGY and its impact on education

Despite these challenges, we cannot deny the realities that we cannot just shut our eyes on the evidences of technology in our lives. This is something that we must embrace for it is already a part of our everyday living.  Change is inevitable and definitely one thing we should not be afraid to try on.

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