5 Reasons to fall in love in Blogging

5 Reasons To Fall In Love In Blogging

Blogging has been one of my commitments since last year with the support of my boyfriend. Time flies. Before I only have him as my reader in every post I wrote, now I am gaining more. This is now the 7th month that I am engaging myself in writing a bit of everything that sparks my interest. It’s the reason I want to share in today’s blog post 5 reasons to fall in love with blogging.

Here we go.

Reasons to Fall in Love in Blogging

  1. It improves your reading and writing skills

As you go on your blogging journey, you are going to meet many opportunities for improvement in the long run. One of them is writing. Writing is a skill which means that it takes the time to develop. And no one can improve on his or her writing skills without a consistent practice of it. It does not happen overnight.

This always reminds me of my professor in Philippine Normal University. When my classmates and I were doing our research, he kept on telling us that we could not write anything if we did not read anything. He imparted to us the importance of reading to our Research Course. Since then, it became my number 1 advice to my students whenever our topic will move to writing.

As a blogger, visiting and reading other blogs help you to get an idea about what you wanted to do on your own blog. The more you read, the more you become expose on other’s writing styles. That gives you a hint on how you should write your own topics. You also improve your word’s usage because of reading that leads to writing better articles.

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.”
—Ray Bradbury, WD


  1. It brings out the creativity in you.

Starting up a blog is easy but when it comes to organizing its content, adding plug-ins, customizing the themes, it takes a lot of work. It might cause you frustrations but through patience and continuous research, you will be able to overcome those headaches.

I don’t have any strands of creativity in me.  But because of collaborating with other bloggers, I got an idea on how can I make my blog more presentable. I owe all this information from a lot of generous bloggers online and I will be forever thankful to the different blogging communities I am involved in.


  1. It gives you the freedom to express yourself and to voice out your opinions.

Not everyone is given the opportunity to be heard. Everyone is busy with another thing. Blogging gives a chance for people to share their opinion on a variety of topics. It can be of business, technology, education, economics, history,  politics, and others.  Having your own blog means having your online space. This is where you can connect with other people who have the same ideas, opinions, and interest.


  1. It can generate online earnings.

Earning online has been rampant today. We can earn by publishing videos in youtube.com, chatting with other people in mylot.com, or writing blog entries, submitting quality photos or videos in bitlanders.com. Those are just a few of those many sites online where I see some people flock to receive monetary awards directly to their PayPal. There are also other legitimate sites to earn online.

When it comes to blogging, you can also earn from advertisements, guest postings, and affiliate marketing. Aside from that, a blog is a great tool to offer your services. In fact, your blog can be your online business too.

Blogging can offer huge benefits once we discovered the secrets of getting a high traffic and when we found the right people to connect with. Isn’t it a good idea earning while doing what you love?


  1. It can make a change in someone’s life

Blogging is sharing information not only to a limited number of people. There is always a possibility that your content will reach many web surfers from all around the world. You don’t know who you are going to inspire and you will just be surprised when people send you messages on how you touch their lives. It is vital that you don’t limit yourself on your ability. Each one of us is unique and you never know how great you are until someone come to you and appreciates what you have.

5 reasons to fall in love in blogging

Do you have a blog? What is your reason for blogging? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.  Please share this blog post if you find it useful. 

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Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A full-time teacher and a part-time student. She loves her simple and yet adventurous life with her wonderful family, great friends, and supportive boyfriend. Roads and Pages serves as her outlet to share what she loves to do the most in her life. Those are spending time with people who matter the most, reading books, and traveling one country at a time.


  1. These are many of the reasons I love it too. The making a difference part is my favorite. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I cannot stress #1 enough!!! All the other 4 are just pluses that comes with the main reason! I love that you’ve included the creativity part. This is one of the reasons that most people don’t really appreciate. Blogging isn’t just about writing and sharing content, it’s also about being creative and having your own style of writing and definition of what good content means. Amazing work!

  3. Great post, I have just started blogging and can relate to this so much! It has definitely brought out my creativity skills and I’m really enjoying creating new content every few days

  4. I absolutely love this, I have for sure fallen in love with blogging. I agree with all of these points, being able to make a change in anyones life is just such a great feeling! Love this!

  5. This is a great read 🙂 I just started blogging about a month ago so everything is super new to me. Honestly trying to build a website is like learning a whole new language. But something that you mention and what has really helped me is the blogging community. Its great to see the progress of other bloggers to help keep me motivated with my own blog. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Ana Rose, I love your name! You left a super sweet comment on my last blog post and I had to check out your stuff! I love your blog already. I replied on my page, but your name sounds like a heroine in a book I would like to read… haha. It’s so pretty! Anyways, I love this post. What a great read. I find myself oddly addicted to daily creativity it lends itself to, as well as the writing! It really does wrap up all of my favorite things into one space. I also love making connections with others who have passion for whatever their creative corner lends itself to! Hope to stay in touch! XOXO

  7. I so agree with your points. I started blogging 10 years back and not once after that did I feel like stopping it. There have been lows but never stopped. I will definitely say blogging is a very learning experience in terms of writing and expressing and also reading and understanding!

  8. It definitely brings out the creativity for me and it’s a great platform to express myself. However, I wouldn’t advise blogging for the sole reason of generating income though. I always believe that writing for yourself first is always the key, instead of thinking “oh I’m going to blog so I can make money”. Otherwise, it could take away your writing’s authenticity.

  9. For me, it is to be able to escape from the stresses of my day job. I write to express my feelings, but not about my profession. I agree with your reasons, but #4 is not too important for me.

  10. A great reminder why I love blogging too. I’m always amazed when people tell me they hate writing! I know to each his own, but writing is a communicative tool that everyone needs in life. I love that blogging challenges me to improve my daily vernacular.

  11. I agree with all the stuff you’ve written. Blogging has significantly improved the writing skills of my partner. He is from the college of engineering and he is an app developer so grammar isn’t really his best friend. As I proofread his work, he gets to learn from me. I, on the other hand, improve by reading other bloggers’ posts.

  12. I’ve fallen in love with blogging long back which is why I just can’t stop now!!! Esp when someone mails about how our blog helped them, its so heartening to read it and that gives the push to keep blogging.

  13. I agree with number 1 and 5 the most. You can’t separate reading and writing, every writer can be improved with reading may it be articles or books. Another is sharing with other people and helping then discover something new.

  14. These are all great reasons for blogging. I do find that it improves my reading and writing skills. I spend a lot of time reading and rereading what I wrote, trying to craft the perfect joke. I haven’t tried very hard to make money, but affiliate marketing is a good idea and I will try it.

  15. I agree completely with your article. I love blogging for the same reasons. It’s thanks to my husband that I can do all the outfit posts. But for the rest it’s me doing all the work 🙂

  16. I am trying my best to blog as often as I can, I started to blog once a week, as a challenge for the whole year, I hope I can make it, thanks for sharing insights and boosted my confirmation, I’m not a good writer I can tell but all I know is to share to people what I’ve learned, thats what motivate me.

  17. A very big congratulations to you and well done for your consistency in blogging I too am new to blogging and try to post twice a week. You so right when you speak about upgrading your reading and writing skills. I was really bad at it at first but I am getting there now and I am feeling much more confident in my writing skills:)

  18. Truly! One time, I featured where I donated my hair. It was so heartwarming that even a few months after the post, a few people still left me a message saying they also donated their locks. If that doesn’t make me happy I am a blogger, I don’t know what else will.

  19. Hey, nice post! 🙂 The reason I started to blog was originally just to create an online diary or log of things that happen in my life, so that in the future, I can look back and see how much I’ve progressed. Last year, I discovered that you could earn from your blog too, and it surely was an added bonus! It’s been an amazing ride for me and helped me grow as a person, as well as reach out to like-minded bloggers too!

  20. I agree with you. Love your reasons for blogging and how it indeed helps us improve ourselves. Yes, we gain readers and followers and somehow, we also become an.inspiration.that may leaf them.to change their perspective.in life.

  21. I have a few blogs (some active but some I have not updated for quite some time already). It’s great that you have good intentions why you are blogging and why you fell in love with it. Gone are the days when blogging is just an online diary because at this day and age blogging has become a platform for advocacies, a platform for self-expression and a platform to let your voice be heard in the midst of a sea of bloggers in the blogosphere. Blogging allows us to form and cultivate a new set of friends as well.

  22. I love blogging primarily because it’s a creative outlet for me! The rest of your points are great bonuses too! I learned a lot and earned a bit as well. 😀

  23. Excellent post! I think blogging has significantly increased my photography and editing skills. It has also given me understanding of how internet, marketing, influencing, etc. works. It has also offered some new experiences, freebies and friends. 🙂

  24. Blogging cannot only teach you things but you could also learn from it. Moreover, blogging can help you meet friends around the world which could be very helpful in case you will travel to where they are in the world. It’s like an instant friend. Anyway, MQ blog started as a school project but I liked the idea of writing my thoughts and an online diary. I began lurking since 2009 with Multiply and Tumblr and the rest is history. 🙂

  25. So true to every word! I basically started writing because of what you described in points 3&5… I love your writing by the way:) and also your website! Brilliant!

  26. Hi. I agree with the reasons why you love blogging. If one were to take blogging seriously, it can actually enhance the person too. Rather than posting for the sake of posting, or only posting commercial posts, one could choose to use blogging as a platform to share or impart wisdom and knowledge. In the process, those post might make a difference in the lives of some other people.

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