A Jurong Bird Park Fluttering Adventure

Jurong Bird Park Fluttering Adventure

It will always be a fluttering day in Jurong Bird Park if you are a person who loves colorful and gorgeous chirping birds. For all bird enthusiasts, the park offers an amiable, comfortable and unforgettable experience while staying in Singapore.

Behind me was the bus going to Jurong Bird Park


Steven and I decided to visit Jurong Bird Park in Boon Lay on our second-day adventure in Singapore. It is known as the Singapore’s oldest wildlife park built on 1971. This was the idea of the late Dr. Goh Keng Swee when he visited the zoological garden in Rio de Janeiro during a World Bank Meeting.  Singaporeans must really be forever thankful for a man like him who had this great interest in nature and feathered creatures.

Look at me standing and smiling in front of the Jurong Bird Park signifying I was there and very much ready to start my day with the fabulous birds.

A friendly nature haven with a kaleidoscope of foliage and colorful birds welcomed us at the entrance of Jurong Bird Park in the western area of Singapore. Thousands of them from all over the world living in a natural environment of the rainforest gratified our longing to witness a fascinating world of beautiful creatures.


Upon entering the park just after we paid at the ticketing counter for our tickets, we felt the place was welcoming and relaxing. The heat was mitigated by the trees that serve as the canopy of the place.


Wondering what we should visit first, we made our first stop at Penguin Coast. Just by merely observing and looking at the rare and chubby tuxedoed birds, I instantly felt I was transported in cold Antarctica.


The penguins had been put in a special controlled aquarium that mimics their natural habitat conditions.  It serves as the home for the four species of penguins: the Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni and the majestic King Penguin.


We felt excited to observe real penguins through the glass wall. Our faces were lifted up with translucent joy upon gazing at them dove and torpedoed around the waters. Having a close look at the penguins pleased me for I have only read about them in books or seen them on television.

Up next was the picturesque Flamingo Lake. Charmed of its tranquillity, we enjoyed the alluring flamingos with their vibrant pink plumage. They strut in style or waded through the water searching for food. Wanting to immortalize the experience, we did snapshots with the fascinating flamingos.

A number of flamingos in the water and look how thin their legs are which can be compared to chopsticks.

After feasting on the sights of the flamingos, we hopped on trams. We did it to save our feet from too much walking while exploring the jungle.


The journey on tram offered us an informative audio commentary. It introduced the animals and insights on what we were seeing as each habitat came into view like the “Birds of Prey”, “American King Vultures”, “Dino Descendants” and so much more. While our eyes were feasting on the views, the birds fluttered freely around the surroundings. The environment was crammed with a seemingly tropical bird song competition.

Another exciting event was our up-close feeding encounters with the extremely sociable, cute, bold and variegated birds called Lories or Lorikeets while walking across suspended bridges inside the lush and the greenery bird park. Some people around the area leisurely walked carrying mini-cups of nectar mix for the birds. Naturally, we would like to do the same thing. We strolled on our way to the Lori feeding station to have our own for $3SGD.

Unlike other birds that are cautious towards humans, at Lory Loft, the birds were accustomed to visitors/tourists. Dozens of lories were clambering around or sitting on the railings. They were either playing or waiting for a passing visitor to offer a cup of nectar. On the other hand, other lories flutter or dance from one branch to another.

Feeding the rainbow and brilliant lorikeets.
This Lori paused for a while Steven was trying to capture its beauty.

Many birds were already fed during the time of our visit. As a result, there were just a few of them which descended on the railings to enjoy the cup of nectar mix we were holding.

An iguana that does not want to be disturbed.
A pelican enjoying its solitude.

Wanting for more exciting experience, we planned to have lunch with the parrots. Unfortunately, the place was still under renovation when we visited. We eventually decided to attend the bird show in the Pools Amphitheater. It was the first time I would watch an exhilarating line-up of beautiful and talented birds such as the macaws, parrots, pelicans to name a few.


Volunteers from the crowd were always called to participate in the show. These volunteers were little cute kids who were also excited to touch the amazing birds which were cautiously trained, fed carefully, and prized by their excellent performance.

Jurong Bird Park Fluttering Adventure

On this show, we witnessed Congo African Grey Parrots which are also known as Congo parrots. They worked cooperatively to free themselves out of the cage by using their sharp beaks. In addition to that, a disciplined and talented macaw showcased its talent on solving a simple environmental problem. It was how to put the garbage in the trash bin. Another famous bird, a cockatoo, drew a masterpiece with the use of its beak. I was surprised to know that its name was Picasso, which instantly reminded me of Pablo Ruiz y Picasso who was a Spanish painter.

This trip did not end after watching the bird’s show. This is where our feet led us afterward — toward the mesmerizing man-made waterfall.S2WZy1470801726


We gasped in astonishment admiring this artificial waterfall in Waterfall Aviary, which is a home for more than 600 birds. A picture-perfect scene with an orchestra of nature that played around: the tweeting of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, and the swishing of water against the rocks.

Undeniably, Jurong Bird Park will always have a place in our heart wherever we travel. It provided us not only beautiful sights to explore but also an experiential learning as we gain awareness of the colorful avian world.



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  1. I am a solotraveler myself and been to many countries around Singapore but not Singapore but next time i do, i def visit this place. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I went to Jurong Park also when I travelled to Singapore before I got married. It was a pleasure trip with one of my friends before I bid singlehood goodbye. I enjoyed the place a lot! I hope to bring my hubby and kids with me next time when I go back to Singapore again.

  3. Such beautiful nature! And full of cute animals too. It looks like a place that hasn’t yet been destroyed by tourism, so I will try to go before the inevitable happens!

  4. I love how it seems like all of the birds had ample space to roam and/or fly! Many exhibits and zoos don’t offer such. It seems like it was a nice place to visit for the day and will definitely keep it in mind for our 2018 trip!

  5. Singapore is high on my list. I have been sent so many people to Singapore and offered them Jurong Bird Park and i love this park. species of the birds are amazing here.

  6. We visited Jurong bird park in the month of October and had a great time. We loved walking around the park and exploring the many attractions. The penguin feeding was an awesome experience, especially the ones that are outside. A good write-up and great pictures too.

  7. My visit to Singapore was too brief to consider a visit to Jurong Bird Park. I’ll certainly consider next time I’m there. It would be very cool to see all the birds, especially the penguins.

  8. During my previous visits to Singapore I have not had the chance to get to Jurong Bird Park. I think I will have to try to get there on our next visit in April. Thank you for some great pictures to encourage me!

  9. I love this post. It took me back to when I visited this place for the first with my then boyfriend and now my husband. We were still in the getting to know you stage when we went to the bird park. 🙂 I loved it there and I especially loved the flamingos, the penguins and the orchids. Thank you for sharing.

  10. At the beginning of your blog post, I thought that this is another sad scene of animals in captive. But as I scroll down, they actually have enough space to move around. I actually find it cool. I wanna see it for myself.

  11. This must be very genuine and a romantic place to visit for the birds are freely singing on their own music. I’m always a big lover of birds which I also do birding way back when I was young. I enjoy how you transmit your words that really rhyme to your photos.

  12. This must be very genuine and a romantic place to visit for the birds are freely singing on their own music. I’m always a big lover of birds which I also do birding way back when I was young. I enjoy how you transmit your words that really rhyme to your photos.


  13. I have visited Jurong park a couple of years back. It was a very interesting and fascinating time that I had at this lovely Bird Park. The variety of birds available here is great. The sheer variety and colours of the birds is enthralling.

  14. Twice I have visited this place and each time it thrilled me beyond words.
    Some of the photos I took there got sold too as post cards and greeting cards. I hope to visit again.

  15. Lovely photos! I like visiting wildlife parks myself, and this one fits my list. So cute! I especially love the penguins, haha. Such cute little things. I’d love to visit this when I go to Singapore in the future.

  16. Weve been to Singapore but we were not able to visit Jurong Bird Park. I have a friend to lives near Jurong and nect time we travel we will definitely include this in the list. The birds are too colorful. My kids would definitely love it here!

  17. When I hear of destinations in Singapore, I always hear about Orchard Road, Universal… this is the first time I heard of the bird park. I must say, if there is one place for me to visit, I am picking Jurong Bird Park. I have a thing for nature and although the park is artificial, it does not take away the beauty of the creatures that live here.

  18. The last time I went to a bird park is at Penang, Malaysia. There are more than 300 species of birds in there. But I still found birds on your post that I haven’t been able to see. Plus points for the very colorful ones!

  19. I would like to visit this place in the future. I have noticed that there are no rides there like the ones in OceanPark HK, am I right? – which is good! I want to be able to enjoy seeing these lovely creatures rather than take rides. I like the video about the penguins. They look like that they are very comfortable.

  20. Very cute pics of the birds…and I love the penguin video.. for some reason, I have always found their every activity, walking and sliding alike, very attractive :p
    Very lovely sanctuary! I had once visited a bird sanctuary few years back and your post just made me nostalgic!

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