Borobudur Temple the Secret Unveiled
Borobudur Temple : The Secret Temple Unveiled
One of the famous tourist destinations  that we highly recommend to visit while in Indonesia is the Borobudur Temple which is
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Unfolding the Grandeur of Tamansari Nyayogyakarta
Unfolding the Grandeur of Tamansari Nyayogyakarta
Picture this with me: you’ve finally did your research on the places you are going to visit.  You were amazed
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Exploring Indonesia Ancient Prambanan Temple
Exploring Indonesia’s Ancient Prambanan Temple
The trip to Indonesia was carefully thought and planned for months. Our topmost priority was to explore the ancients and
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Summer Getaway Our Itinerary to the Wonderfu Indonesia
Summer Get Away: Our Itinerary to the Wonderful Indonesia
“Where should we go next?” It has been the question that Steven and I always asked to one another after
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