A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

Our first international trip would not be complete without visiting Singapore’s famous landmarks. Ecstatically,  we started our day with on a trail to the Marina Bay area at the Suntec City. We did not miss the majestic Fountain of Wealth along the Temasek Boulevard. There was a superstition that if you would be lucky enough to touch its water, your wishes would come true.

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore
A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

Afterward, we crossed the road and passed on the 42-storey Singapore flyer and massive pedestrian DNA Helix Bridge, another iconic structure.  While staying there, we saw vendors selling sandwich ice cream. Knowing that ice cream was one of my addictions, we stopped for a while and enjoyed the refreshing feeling it gave.

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

Afterward, we continued our walk to the grand Marina Bay Sands. The casino was looking spectacular from a distance. This grand architecture was designed by Moshe Safdie, World-renowned architect and 2015 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Gold Medal Awardee, commissioned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation.  What makes it stunning for me was the Sands Skypark which resembles the ship that makes it extraordinary. According to Safdie, he worked from the principle that the hotel building should not form a wall between the city and the ocean. It was the main reason why there was a space between each tower in order to still have a view in between. Since there is no space left on the ground for gardens and swimming pool, he created the skypark.

A Day Exploration of the Famouns Landmarks in Singapore

As we continued our exploration,  we gazed in awe at the structure of the Esplanade. It looks similarly to a durian and surprisingly, durian is also popular in Singapore.

We also trailed to the topmost landmark which was the Merlion Park. The name “Merlion” is a combination of “mer” meaning “sea” and “lion.” The lion part of the name is from Singapore’s former name, ‘Singapura’, “the lion city”.

Based from what I have observed, all people I knew who visited Singapore have their photo with the unique creature. We also did our must-do photography of the mythical half lion and half-fish statue. It felt rewarding to have a selfie with the Merlion.

The number of people around the area was abundant. Undeniably, it tempts people to relax at its shores or posed creatively to produce stunning photos near the Merlion. Satisfied with our snapshots in the famous landmark, we continued our walk to the smaller version of the Merlion, the Merlion cub.

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore
Wondering how did that lion get a mermaid’s body or how did that mermaid get a lion’s head. It is quite intriguing.

Up next was our visit to the Gardens by the Bay. I loved it, but I felt a bit tired already from too much walking. I hoped we could visit it again some other time in the future. Here are the snapshots that my boyfriend did while we were there.

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore
I have fear of heights but when I was on the top I forgot that fear.

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

Singapore City Tour

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

We kept on walking and we couldn’t stop. We were so captivated by the lights and skyscrapers in the background.

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

We decided to dine in the Clark Quay, a place near the river. There we ate in the Haven Lobster and Seafood Restaurant and ordered the famous Singapore chilli crab. It cost $98SGD which was a bit pricey. Instead of thinking of the price, we just enjoyed the food and the ambiance.

A Day Exploration of the Famous Landmarks in Singapore

Looking at the river, I felt so thankful to be in Singapore. Since I was a child and sees airplanes up in the wide blue sky, it brought a spark inside that someday I would like to ride airplanes and visit different countries. This dinner experience in Clark Quay with my boyfriend was one of the experiences that I dream to happen again in the future. Steven and I satisfactorily ended the memorable day by watching the Marina Bay Sands Light Show. It lit up the sky with colourful laser lights which danced to the music. We got tired exploring the famous landmarks but we felt happy.



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  1. Your Blog all Post information is very unique and good for reader because when i have read your blog looks very impressive for me. I want to say thanks to you. Most importantly I have bookmark your site for future updates.

  2. Singapore is a lovely city. We had a great time when we were there. We loved the views from the Singapore Flyer. Our best place was of course Sentosa Island. We wished we had stayed for a few days more and we could have explored the city more.

  3. Marina Bay is my favourite area in Singapore & I was lucky enough to stay at Marina Bay Sands on my last visit – the infinity pool is amazing. Not the most budget area for food & accommodation but there’s a lot to see & do that doesn’t cost a cent 🙂

  4. Such beautiful landmarks. Although a visit to Singapore can’t complete without a visit to Merlion and Garden by the bay, I had not added suntech city to my list. But now, I am going to revisit the list and add it there.

  5. I love this post!! All the architecture in Singapore looks amazing. I love the Casino from the distance, even though I am not a gambler. And the photos of all the plant life are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Is there anything for futuristic than Gardens by the Bay? I’m constantly cruising skyscanner trying to make my way there. Thanks for the explanations of the name Singapore and the Merlion. Clears up a few questions I had!

  7. Just looking at that chilli crab has made me hungry! We loved Singapore when we visited a few years back, but it was so hot and humid, we too found it tiring walking around all day. Your pictures from the Gardens by the Bay are beautiful!

  8. Haven’t been to Singapore yet. Somehow since I’m not much of a city loving person, somehow its not really at the top of my wishlist. But I guess I’ll go anyways, coz I have too many friends & relatives there and I’m planning to go & visit them! Those carnivorous plants would be fun to watch!

  9. So many places for sightseeing! Even though Singapore is far away from me, I would like one day to visit it and see all these things that this city has to offer to its guests! I think you need many days to see it all

  10. There seems to be plenty to see in Singapore. A shot with the famous Merlion is a must though. What places would you recommend for kids? My travel decisions are always largely based on that.

  11. Singapore has progressed so much 🙂 There’s now more attractions to visit than just their science museums. Not that science museums are cool. But the gardens look really cool. That Singapore chili crab by the way made my mouth water. I hope I can return to Singapore soon.

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